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About us

Our company has been trading in the jewellery business since 1996. Over the last few years we have seen an explosion in internet sites offering a mail order “cash for gold” service. As jewellers with many years of experience within the industries of internet trading and the UK jewellery market this is a natural progression for us.

UK jewellers are traditionalists, we prefer the face to face contact with customers, seeing the delight on their faces having purchased a wonderful piece of craftsmanship, we also appreciate the difficulties of letting go of jewellery with sentimental value. We are here to try and make this process as easy as possible for you. We do this by offering you the best prices and a smooth hassle free transaction and although we may never meet, you can always pick up the telephone and discuss your trade.

When we started this business the first thing we did was to send all our competitors a piece of gold to value and make an offer on. Well, the results were very mixed and sometimes scandalous. The largest players in this business are often promising the earth with guarantees - but in reality they are offering next to nothing.

Cash4Jewellery is all about building a reputation with our customers and relying upon word of mouth that we offer the top price for the jewellery you want to sell. Just like the traditional jewellery business has always been.... Business built on reputation.

If you have not already filled in the form for your C4J pack please do so now. All we can do is offer you the best price and hope that this will give you the confidence to return and also to recommend us to all your friends and family.

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